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Hanlie van der Walt

PositiveYou is based in Melbourne and also services country Victoria. My name is Hanlie van der Walt and my professional  background is in counselling and social work and I am an accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist and Advanced & Pro Psych-K Facilitator.

I know the power of hypnotherapy to make real and positive changes to peoples lives. I have worked in partnership with clients to end years of bad and harmful behaviours and habits and I am proud to say that I have made a real difference in peoples lives. I myself have undergone clinical hypnotherapy and I know from personal experience how quickly and easily hypnosis can be used to bring about real and empowering changes in day to day life.

I have had a bird phobia for as long as I can remember. My fear was very real, embarrassing and dis-empowering. It did not help that I knew it to be irrational – just thinking of a bird close to me would give me the shivers and fill me with fear. I was unable to sit outside for lunch because I was too scared of birds looking for scraps on the ground. I was nervous visiting friends who kept pet birds. If I had to walk past birds I would always ensure that someone was between me and the birds.

The change came when I did my Clinical Hypnotherapy Accreditation. I undertook hypnotherapy sessions with friend of mine with whom I did the course. The change was immediate and life changing.

My bird phobia disappeared. There was no more anxiety, fear or stress. I simply no longer feared or even noticed birds. Hypnotherapy had acted on the subconscious wellsprings of my fear and had not simply controlled my phobia – but deleted it. I tested this by going for lunch and sitting outside. A pigeon walked under my table looking for scraps of food, I did not flinch. I visited my daughter who works at a heritage farm some weeks later. The chickens were all quite tame and followed us around when she took us on a tour.  For the very first time in my life I physically touched a chicken!

All my life my phobia had embarrassed me and made me feel weak and helpless. Trying to control or overcome my fears had seemed impossible and even the thought of attempting to address the problem had filled me with anxiety. Hypnosis gave me the freedom to feel happy and safe and to enjoy the outdoors. Hypnotherapy gave me the power to change for the better and the kind of freedom in my day to day life that I had never known before.

Hypnotherapy can do the  same for you. The first step is to simply decide that you want to be free of bad, harmful and self defeating habits and behaviours.

Hanlie van der Walt
BA (Social Work and Counselling)
MA (Medical Social Work and Counselling)
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Virtual Gastric Band Practitioner
Advanced & Pro Psych-K Facilitator


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